Ez Video Ranks is a web-based video tracking software. Personally designed from someone, (me). That has tried most of the other tracking software. But specifically, the software that this software ties in perfectly with. I can still remember finally getting ahold of Peter Drews Hang out millionaire. I remember looking past the bugs, and the snotty customer service. Because it worked, most of the time. But it was the bugs and the not so perfect customer service. Don’t get me wrong the tech guys are great, but Peter is too much offish for good or great customer service. Still, for Hangout Millionaire, you need add-ons, proxies, captchas etc… and the price point in my option was much too high. I had to find something else.

The next software I was playing with was video marketing blaster, and live stream genius. Video marketing blaster is streamlined. I believe it is made from a russian guy named Vlad, and he has a partner on it as well. The software is on point. It seems like made a major downgrade in the software to somewhat throttle it. Live stream genius, very cool software. But again, the person behind it showed their true colors, like most these guys do. To be flat out honest, Michael is a jerk. That being said, the problems they were having at the time turned out to be based around streaming. Until people started reporting huge losses in accounts, and finally Holly Starks the queen of GSA, and video marketing. Lost from what I hear 10’s of 1000’s of accounts. I think right around there was the following out of the hype behind Live stream Genious.

What I had finally found to be continued.