I recently started live help group sessions in our mastermind group. A fellow user reached out recently and has video currently on position 18 in google, 1 in Youtube, and 1 in Google videos. The user has told me he has recently implemented Chris Walker’s training on the videos. This is good the guy runs a facebook group called Super Star SEO. Very nice guy, seems to know his stuff.

Let’s lay this thing out and do some further investigation. They say some videos will never land on page 1, but I will try my best and see if I can get this one on the first page of Google. The first thing I noticed on this video are two things. The video has no on-site optimization done to it. The general rule of thumb is you want your main keyword first, which this is. But the body or description of the video has no content. Just the keyword repeated several times. You can use a max of 5000 characters in the description as well.

Basic optimization for youtube videos. Although this is not the first step you should take. This is very important it is done correctly. So far what I have noticed is there is no on-site optimization. But I doubt this will be a major factor, as the video is first in youtube and google videos, so this is going to be more of a finding the right keyword, and also links. Probably a long-term project.

Ok update, I have spoken with Ken the user that reached out, and he is allowing me to show the keywords. I have uploaded the video with optimization. Here are the results, and the steps I followed. First I grabbed his main keyword and I made the title as follows

Collision Repair Conroe Tx – best paint and body shops Conroe tx – Best Collision Repair Conroe, Tx

I always add best to my secondary keywords as backups, clients still like to be seen as the best. I can personally thank Alex Barr from Directory creator for teaching me that method. They will mostly all the time rank.

The second thing I did, actually to get my secondary keyword is using google suggested results, and I added the word “best” to it.

After this is researched the NAP that Ken left in his description. What this does is get you an unstructured citation, basically a way to help maps with youtube. So I found the clients website, I grabbed some content off of their site and added it to the description. I also added all of their social media. Links to Wikipedia, and also found the nearest cities 50 miles of Conroe Tx with this tool https://www.freemaptools.com/find-zip-codes-inside-radius.htm


Actual description: xxxx

Collision Repair Conroe Tx – Best paint and body shops Conroe Tx
link removed

Finding the best collision repair shop in and around Conroe TX

Starting your hunt for a collision repair shop in Conroe:
The first and foremost step is to find a body shop that can fix the car to it’s pre-loss condition. In non-technical terms that would be like it was before a collision occurred. When an insurance company is on the hook for the repairs, it is their job to pay for the proper procedure to make this happen.

There are definitely some factors involved with this such as the quality of parts used, repair vs replace, old damage, etc. A common example of this is bumper repair, should we fix the bumper or replace it? So this has to be agreed between the insurance company and the body shop.

The next step is to make sure your customer service is good. Customer satisfaction is key to a good experience. Many things can go wrong during the repair process which may not be unavoidable. Having a good estimator to communicate with the insurance provider is a helpful asset. First impressions of a collision repair shop can be all it takes but sometimes you may have to dig a little bit deeper. If possible, talk to a technician that actually works on the car. How are they treated, how long have they worked there, etc. are all indicators of how your car will be taken care of. The size of the shop is not something to judge the work by, you actually can get better work from a smaller place. We’ll talk about that later.

If you have been in a wreck, having your car towed can be a frustrating experience because they may take your vehicle to a storage lot. You may ask if there is an auto body repair near me to take your car to. Many times the storage lot or wrecker service is tied in to a shop for commissions on the work done. Don’t let them talk you into anything before you check out the collision shop first.
Many quality body shops provide services like towing, rental service, auto painting, and bumper repair. The larger shops provide more to try and entice you to get the work, however, don’t be fooled by the convenience factor. A good referral and some good reviews can go a long way.


Quality Collision is a small shop but we handle most anything the larger ones do. From collision repairs to small ding or dent work. Your car paint may just need a face lift, auto painting is a fairly technical procedure these days with so many different colors and matching problems. Some of the following services we offer.

Visit us on social media:
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/qualitycollisiontexas/
Twitter https://twitter.com/autobodysecrets
Google Plus https://plus.google.com/u/0/116377525312951284582
Be sure to subscribe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ-ljZFWcQc1ti2VzE4H0xg

Read more about the subject
And more on google https://www.google.com/search?q=Collision+Repair+Conroe+Tx
Watch some videos on youtube


Quality Collision
12198 Hwy 105 East Bldg 2
Conroe, Tx. 77306

Serving the following areas in Texas if you are looking for the best Collision repair company in Conroe Tx ,Spring, Willis, Montgomery, Magnolia,Hufsmith, Pinehurst, Splendora, Tomball, Cleveland,New Waverly, Porter, Dobbin, New Caney, Houston, Kingwood, Humble, Huntsville, Plantersville, Cypress, Huffman, Richards, North Houston, Coldspring, Oakhurst, Hockley, Shepherd Texas


After doing this I enabled monetization, changed the location of the video to Conroe, tx, and made the recording date today. I still should have added the end cards, and the fill checklist from vid Iq, oh I forgot to mention if you need tags use vid iq to get them. I also made a playlist named after the keyword and added the video to it. All the while the video is still in private.

Vid Iq has a checklist to follow, but I didn’t do everything they asked for.


After this I plugged my video into Ez Video Ranks, and let that sit then started checking my keywords manually. In doing this I also tool my video url, and submitted to the index by using the submit url feature in google. Always check incognito, so you can get the most accurate results.

One thing to point out is the maps are on top and in the tabs there is no sign of the videos tab and there are no videos on the page. This is normally a bad sign, and there is software to help this whole process out.

Kens video is on page 2 position 18 on google, mine is nowhere to be found.  My video is number 2 oin youtube Kens is #1.

But when you type in the keyword with best in front of it, my video is page 1.

This is nothing to brag about but it is a good sign to show a new client.

All other keywords I will check for my video:

and so on, and so on, and so on.

Collision Repair Conroe Tx
paint and body shops conroe tx   Google 0 Youtube 1
best Collision Repair Conroe Tx Google 8 Youtube 1
best paint and body shops conroe tx Google 5 Youtube 1
best Collision Repair Conroe, Tx
best Collision repair company in Conroe Tx
Collision Repair Spring, tx Google 0
Collision Repair Willis, tx Google 0
Collision Repair Montgomery, tx
Collision Repair Magnolia, tx
Collision Repair Hufsmith, tx
Collision Repair Pinehurst, tx
Collision Repair Splendora, tx
Collision Repair Tomball
Collision Repair Cleveland
Collision Repair New Waverly
Collision Repair Porter
Collision Repair Dobbin
Collision Repair New Caney
Collision Repair Houston
Collision Repair Kingwood
Collision Repair Humble
Collision Repair Huntsville
Collision Repair Plantersville
Collision Repair Cypress
Collision Repair Huffman
Collision Repair Richards
Collision Repair North Houston
Collision Repair Coldspring
Collision Repair Oakhurst
Collision Repair Hockley
Collision Repair Shepherd Texas


UPDATE 10/4/17

I recently reached out to Tony Peacock who runs the video marketing group and provides embeds, and other services. After doing some thinking I decided to have the tests made on Kens video, not mine.

Currently, his video is #19 in Google and #2 in youtube per last scan, the software scans every 12 hours, and reports the rankings.

I spoke to Tony, and here is what he is providing. First off the research, here are the results of the backlinks on the video. 18 backlinks total. If you guys don’t know you can see this data in Majestic Seo

Tony is providing 50 PBN Embeds to the video & 10 High Authority Tumbler embeds. His store is located here, he is known to provide some of the best services for videos. He is using this template from Money Robot twice on Car repair blogs & auto repair blogs. We will have to wait and see how this affects Ken’s video currently in position 19.


You can find Tony’s store here on Konker

To be continued 10/5/17

Update 10/10/2017

As of now, there hasn’t been much movement. Currently, the video is in 16th position, the best it reached was 14th. Seeing a little bit of dancing going on in the chart. The video may be still settling and more links may be getting indexed. Still on the second page.

The grey chart line is google.


Special Bonus

Here is a format for 1 Product Review & 5 Products Reviews for sites, or even video content (scripts). I thought it was a cool find, hope you do too.

1 Product Review
– Introduction – 150 Words
– General Review for the product (vary depend on personal preference)

– Important Feature 1 – 70/80 Words
– Important Feature 2 – 70/80 Words
– Important Feature 3 – 70/80 Words
– Important Feature 4 – 70/80 Words
– Important Feature 5 – 70/80 Words
– PROs – Only Bullet Points – Very Short Sentences
– Cons – Only Bullet Points – Very Short Sentences
– What do customers say about the product?
– Final Verdict/Conclusion – 100 Words

Best 5 Products Review
– Introduction – 100 – 200 Words
– Things To Consider, Who Need This Particular Products, Why You Need – 200 – 300 Words
– How I Selected Top Products (See TheSweetHome.com, TheWireCutter.com contents for example)
– Comparison Table (I compare all products feature by feature)
– Product 1 Review – 250/300 Words
= General Review
= Pros
= Cons
= What do customers say about this product
– Product 2 Review – 250/300 Words
– Product 3 Review – 250/300 Words
– Product 4 Review – 250/300 Words
– Product 5 Review – 250/300 Words
– Final Verdict